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Bogus-Negative-CriticismIn an article in 2011, Grant Cardone, the NY Times Best Selling Author and Sales Training Expert, said that in stark contrast to what we often perceive, “competition breeds mediocrity and failure”. As per Mr. Cardone, having to fight for our success is not necessarily a good thing, as market analysis has shown that industry sectors with intense competition are the ones that have shown the largest percentages of intellectual property violations and bankruptcy.On that note, it is hardly surprising to see the recent cases of rampant sabotage and deliberate vilification campaigns against a particular group of LA-based SEO firms. These “campaigns”, directed against companies like Bliss Drive and others, have been allegedly driven by smaller companies seeking to gain a foothold in this ever-competitive field.

Los Angeles SEO Companies Receive Fake Reviews on RipOff Reports

Their modus operandi involves putting up fake complaints against the targeted companies, and replicating them across the board. It reeks of gamesmanship and pure underhandedness.If one were to just have a look at these posts citing problems with the victimized firms’ products, it doesn’t take an Einstein to notice that there is a disturbing repetitive trend. This is a clear indication that although the names of “complainants” have been altered, whosoever has posted these bliss drive reviews (or any other company for that matter) has merely invented fake scenario and manipulated a shifted a few words back and forth. A brazen attempt at garnering more views and likes for their product, while simultaneously undermining a director competitor. One-upmanship of the lowest variety – served one a platter, garnished with contempt and shamelessness.

Bliss Drive and other affected firms have been quick to spot this game, and have quickly shot down the posts as “fake” and “nonsensical”. To quote an example, SEODirect.com issued a statement wherein they alleged that merely running a Google search of certain extracts from these so-called “complaints” gives you numerous hits citing regularly plagiarized consumer complaints. Need more be said?

Over the past half-a-decade, many of these larger SEO companies in Los Angeles – Bliss Drive being the more prominent among them – have gained a solid status for their efficient product and consistently admirable standards of deliverance. You only need to consult a few original, verified reviews on websites like LinkedIn and Yelp to understand how well they’ve grown as a firm.

False, unscrupulous, planted accusations are best ignored. The guilty few running the smear campaign will continue to collect the leftovers, while companies like Bliss Drive enhance their stature.

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